20 high voltage boilers shipped within one single month!

23 oktober 2015 by Mårten Björk

October 2015 proved to become truly historic in the Elpanneteknik history. To our knowledge, no producer world-wide ever reached shipment of 20 high voltage electrode boilers within the same month before! Some even delivered by air to meet the short deliverytimes requested by customers in need of curbing airpollution. A big thank you to the amazing team accomplishing this astonishing achievement!

At same time I take the opportunity to announce the opening of the new headquarter of Elpanneteknik Sweden AB. In the famous ”Lipstick” office building in central Gothenburg. Not only does it provide a stunning view over the city. The building itself and the way its managed also match the environmental standards and values we stand for.

Now looking for one more sales engineer to join our team. Could it be you?