The translation of Elpanneteknik is Electric Boiler Technology

Elpanneteknik is one of few world leading experts within Electric Boilers.

With an efficiency of almost 100%, Electric boilers from Elpanneteknik provide an economical, sustainable, silent, pollution free alternative or complement to traditional oil or gas fired boilers regardless application.

Since the 1920’s, Sweden has remained the leading country within Electric Boilers in Europe. The management of Elpanneteknik represent decades of experience from design, production, installations and customer support within this field. This knowledge has never been more needed than today in a world that focus on green technology and sustainability.

Members of the Board

Chairman of the Board: Mr Mårten Björk
Board members: Mrs Jing Zhao, Mr Stefan Jakelius, Mr Leif Kring, Mr Lars Kring