High Quality And Easy Maintenance Optimize Cost Efficiency

Our quality system is ISO 9001 certified. ASME and all other leading approvals necessary are in place.

An electrical boiler from Elpanneteknik is characterized by the market’s highest efficiency, high reliability, low investment cost, low installation cost, and the lowest possible maintenance costs. Electrical boilers delivered 35 years ago are still in operation and provide low maintenance costs for the end user. Service requirements are normally limited to a yearly inspection, and changing electrodes is done inside the boiler with access through a manhole on the side.

Elpanneteknik’s high voltage boilers do not have foaming or arcing issues due to their design and feedwater quality requirements.

All sensitive components not produced by the company are provided by leading European brands.

Elpanneteknik provide a worldwide network for aftersales and installation as well as access to long-term maintenance agreements.


Highest Credit Rating