Balancing grid through emission free District Heating!

3 april 2015 by Mårten Björk

Elpanneteknik Sweden AB, famous for its installations of high voltage electrode start up steamboilers for Nuclear Power Plants world-wide, is currently installing its High Voltage Hot Water boilers for District / Residential heating. The almost maintenance free systems are installed in boiler rooms situated in urbanized areas throughout P.R China, to great extent owned and managed by Elpanneteknik Shanghai Co Ltd.

The high voltage hot water boilers replace coalfired boilers, thereby reducing airpollution, utilizing the price difference of electricy during ”valley periods”. The cost-efficient systems also include cooling machines, thereby providing an alternative also to traditional airconditioning.

As the high voltage electrode boilers can regulate 0-100% within less than 30 seconds, the units are also used to balance the electrical grid thereby enabling connection of windpower etc.

Apart from using its High Voltage Hot Water Boilers for District heating, Immersion type High Voltage Electrode Steamboilers from Elpanneteknik replace fossilfuelled steamboilers for any type of industrial process where steam is required and within areas where airpollution is an issue. The Elpanneteknik team have long experience from supplying Pharmaceutical Industry, Food & Beverage industry as well as of Low Voltage units within marine & offshore.

The success has been spectacular with an increased orderbook of approx. 30 times within the latest 12 months. As a result Elpanneteknik Sweden AB now localize production within key markets, extend into further geographical markets based on similar concepts etc. and is looking for talented, committed indivuals to join its team.

An important customer group is hospitals for which Elpanneteknik now add utilization of energy in waste water and for cleaning of waste water. We welcome further potential partners to propose their solutions in this endeavour as well as any other ”Green Technology” companies interested in using Elpannetekniks boiler rooms and relations as ”showrooms” to enter international markets.