The Best Designed Electric Boilers For Industrial Applications

Virtually all industrial processes require steam or hot water. Adding an electrode boiler to a fossil fuelled steam or hot water plant increases capacity and redundancy. It also reduces emissions and provides opportunities for utilizing lower ‘valley period’ electricity prices. This also leads to limited installation costs as no fuel systems or chimneys are required.

Replacing a fossil fuel fired steam or hot water system with an electrical system may also allow for continued production within urbanized areas despite restrictions on air pollution and transportation.   

Ever since the first industrial deliveries to Volvo Cars, now part of the Geely Group of P.R China, in Sweden in the early 1980´s, the founders of Elpanneteknik Sweden AB have successfully supplied high voltage electrical heating systems for a wide range of industrial applications. Other well-known industrial groups such as Siemens and Alstom are also among our customers.

The majority of boilers have an anticipated lifetime of at least 60 years. This still provides its operators with less maintenance costs when compared with fossil fuel fired boilers, as there is no combustion. Some boiler plants have even been disassembled and re-used in other factories when orientation of an original business has changed.

Electrode boilers from Elpanneteknik Sweden AB represent a more economical alternative for boiler plants providing surrounding industries with steam or hot water.

In co-operation with leading financiers, Elpanneteknik Sweden is able to offer finance solutions based on Private Public Partnerships and / or Build Own Operate Transfer or BOT solutions.

Marine & offshore

The founders of Elpanneteknik have experience from the delivery of more than 1000 heating systems for cargo and bunker heating usage. This experience means we’re always able to deliver the very best, tailor made solutions.

In addition to heating, electrical boilers are used for cleaning, balancing of grid onboard, solving degassing issues onboard gas carriers, cargo and bunker heating and for meeting regulations when participating in oil recovery operations.
For dual-fuel LNG carriers with electric propulsion, electric steam boilers are preferred for heating of the natural boil-off gas that is used for fueling the engines. The electric steam boilers are also used as electrical loads during harbor maneuvering.

By installing a low voltage steam boiler from Elpanneteknik, it’s possible to maintain the ship’s steam pressure or provide tank or accommodation heating while electrically connected to a shore-based electrical source or a genset.

Considering increased redundancy, using an electrical boiler and connecting to an existing oil-fired steam system can be an interesting alternative to MGO heating in ships normally running on HFO, while trading in areas with more stringent environmental requirements. Electrical steam boilers may also be an economically interesting option for vessels requiring the ability of oil recovery.

Electrical boilers can also be installed during a voyage.

Food & Beverage

The founders of Elpanneteknik Sweden AB have supplied the dairy industry as well as breweries for almost four decades. In this sector our customers include the dairy group Arla, breweries such as Spendrups and Pripps, (later Carlsberg) and chocolate manufacturers such as Marabou and Fazer.

Our electrical boiler systems provide emission free steam and hot water, thereby supporting the position of many famous brands in an increasingly environmentally concerned marketplace.

Replacing fossil fuel boilers reduces transport and air pollution within urban areas and is often a requirement for production units to remain within city centres.


The pharmaceutical industry requires high quality steam, a clean working environment and reliability - and naturally their activities shouldn’t contribute to air pollution in any way.

High voltage electrode steam boilers from Elpanneteknik Sweden AB are a natural choice, Astra Zeneca in Södertälje being just one of many good examples of this.


For almost four decades, hospitals have remained important customers for the founders of Elpanneteknik Sweden AB. Our electrical boiler systems provide emission free hot water for laundry, accommodation heating and cooling, as well as steam for sterilization. Nowadays, it is also natural for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to reduce their air pollution by replacing fossil fuels within urbanized areas. The cancer and tumour hospital in Jinan, P.R China is the latest on our reference list in this sector - Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, Sweden was the first.

Process Industry

Almost 40 years ago, the founders of Elpanneteknik Sweden AB finalized the first turn-key installations of steam plants within paper mills to customers including Lilla Edet Paper Production and Håfreströms Paper Production in Sweden. We also supply to Tumba Bruk, the company responsible for printing banknotes for the Swedish treasury.

Our electrode boilers are also installed in smaller installations at laundries and are highly suitable for tyre manufacturing and the textile industry.