Fulfilling Nuclear Industry Requirements

The auxiliary steam generating system, by means of medium voltage electrode boilers, supplies steam to the auxiliary steam system during main plant outage, start-up and shutdown, when steam from the main steam system, or other sources, is not available.

In order to achieve the required fast start-up and steam production, the system will normally be in standby operation, at normal operational pressure and temperature by means of low voltage electrical elements (immersion heaters) fitted in the boilers and feedwater tank.

Our electrode steam boilers meet the high requirements on steam quality and purity by means of low boiler water conductivity, a large boil-off surface, a large steam space and a built-in demister.

Salt content in the steam is guaranteed to be lower than 5 ppb. Latest measurements at Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant shows that the salt (Na) content is even below 1 ppb.

Elpanneteknik Sweden AB is one of very few suppliers worldwide able to fulfil the high demands on quality, reliability and documentation of orders received from Sweden (Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant), Finland (Siemens Energy for Olkiluoto 3), Russia (Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant 2), China (Sanmen Nuclear Power Company) and Hinkley Point in the United Kingdom.