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What does ELPANNETEKNIK mean?

The translation of Elpanneteknik is Electric Boiler Technology

Elpanneteknik is one of few world leading experts within the field of large Electric Boilers.

With an efficiency of almost 100%, Electric boilers from Elpanneteknik provide an economical, sustainable, silent, pollution free alternative or complement to traditional oil or gas fired boilers regardless of application.

Since the 1920’s, Sweden has remained the leading country within Electric Boilers in Europe.

The management of Elpanneteknik represent decades of experience from design, production, installations and customer support within this field. This knowledge has never been more needed than today in a world that focuses on green technology and sustainability.

What we do

Our focus areas

When translated into English, the Swedish word Elpanneteknik means ‘Electric Boiler Technology’ – and that’s exactly what this company is all about. Elpanneteknik is one of the few world-leading experts within electric boilers and high voltage electrode boilers in particular.

Our products

Hot water boilers

Equipped With Demister Our Steam Boilers Reach The Highest Steam Quality And Purity Available On The Market


Element boilers range: 1 MW – 80MW
Supply voltages: 6kV to 20kV

Our products

Steam boilers

Boilers for the production of steam or hot water are either made for low voltage or high voltage.

High voltage boilers

Element boilers range: 4MW – 80MW
Supply voltages: 6kV – 20kV

Low voltage boilers

Element boilers range: 18kW – 6,000kW
Supply voltages: 400V – 690V

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