Hot water boilers

Boilers for the production of steam, hot water or thermal oil are either made for low voltage or high voltage. Low voltage boilers are mainly element boilers, although an electrode boiler is sometimes preferred. Element boilers range from 18 to 6,000kW with supply voltages between 400 and 690V. High voltage boilers are always electrode boilers. Electrode boilers range from 4 to 80MW, with supply voltages between 6 and 20kV. As Elpanneteknik provide any and all electric boiler types, we can always offer you the most efficient solution.

Hot water boilers

High voltage

High voltage boilers are always electrode boilers. Electrode boilers range from 1 to 80MW with supply voltages between 6 and 20 kV. As Elpanneteknik provide all electrical boiler types it can always propose the most efficient and suitable solution for each application.

An immersion type High Voltage Hot Water Boiler from Elpanneteknik is exactly what it claims to be, not a compromise with a steam boiler converted to produce hot water.

No extra service space above the protection cage on top of the boiler is required. Due to insulated neutral point design, with a high resistance to ground, Elpanneteknik High Voltage Boilers can be connected to the common electrical grid directly, reducing requirement of a costly separate grounded transformer.

Vertical boilers, with insulated neutral or directly earthed.

Low voltage


A low voltage hot water boiler of higher capacity from Elpanneteknik is exactly what it says it is. It is not a number of smaller units connected in series in the same shell – a solution that carries the risk of higher maintenance.

Elpanneteknik´s low voltage hot water boilers represent the most economical choice for boiler replacement in an existing building.

The boilers can be delivered with integrated or separate control cabinets as well as with Internet based external monitoring and control systems.

In low voltage electrical steam-and hot water boilers, power and boiler temperature is regulated by an electronic controller in steps programmed to fit the boiler size.

It is possible to connect an external signal for temperature set-point and step limitation for all Elpanneteknik boilers. PLC with touch screen makes it easy to use, especially for non-technical staff. Key safety functions can be operated separately from the PLC to ensure redundancy.

The founders of Elpanneteknik have long experience of delivering containerized solutions.

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