Elpanneteknik stepping into South East Asian Health Care Sector

11 april 2015 by Mårten Björk

As encouraged by the Swedish and Vietnamese governments, Elpanneteknik Sweden AB took its first steps into the South East Asian Health sector in April offering its solutions for energy efficient and emission free heating and airconditioning for hospitals and pharmaceutical industry within urbanized areas.The team of Elpanneteknik have performed several successful deliveries within this field including Swedish hospitals, Astra Zeneca etc. The most recent delivery is for the Cancer and Tumor hospital in Jinan, P.R China, expected to be up running in May.

I take this opportunity to express our appreciation of the support from Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Tien, Minister of Health, Socialistic republic of Vietnam, to Mr Urban Ahlin, Speaker of Swedish Parliament and to Mrs Camilla Mellander, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam who all contributed to fruitful meetings in Hanoi.