Fulfilling nuclear industry requirements

A nuclear power plant requires auxiliary start-up steam plants. Using immersion-type high voltage electrode boilers instead of fossil fuelled boilers is the logical and preferred choice.

Our steam quality and purity is high enough to run turbines in nuclear power plants and can achieve steam quality of over 99.9%. Due to strict control of boiler water quality, we can assure high steam purity with low salt content in the steam, which could otherwise cause corrosion, coatings and other problems in connected equipment.

Elpanneteknik Sweden AB is one of very few suppliers worldwide able to fulfil the high demands on quality, reliability and documentation of orders received from Sweden (Ringhals Nuclear Power Plant), Finland (Siemens Energy for Olkiluoto 3), Russia (Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant 2), China (Sanmen Nuclear Power Company) and The United Kingdom.

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