Using stored electricity when demand is low

Electrical production for society is developed to be able to meet the need when the demand is at its highest. A key issue is how to use the electricity produced when demand is low. In most countries, when the demand for electricity is high, the price is high. When the demand is low, the price is low.

This price difference, between these peak and valley periods, makes using Elpanneteknik electrical boilers more efficient when the price of electricity is less, either as an alternative to fossil fuelled steam or hot water boilers used during night time. Alternatively, hot water can be stored in accumulator tanks and utilized during peak times. Converting and storing renewable energy in hot water during valley periods using emission free electrical boilers makes perfect sense, no matter what application you need steam or hot water for.

Elpanneteknik Sweden AB´s reference list includes plants from Jylland in Denmark to the Gobi Desert in Western China.

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