The world’s leading supplier of electrical district heating systems

There are many favourable aspects to utilizing lower electricity prices at night time and high voltage hot water boilers for emission free district heating and cooling. Among the benefits, doing so facilitates reduced transport within urbanized areas, reduces maintenance costs, creates opportunities for grid balancing and offers lower life cycle costs. High voltage boilers also have an expected lifetime of up to 60 years.

Ever since the first delivery to Klippans Kommun in Sweden in the early 1980´s – a system that also incorporated use of heat from a river – the founders of Elpanneteknik Sweden AB have successfully supplied environmentally sustainable, high voltage electrical heating systems for communities, universities and airports.

As a result of rapid growth, in 2016 Elpanneteknik Sweden became the world’s leading supplier of electrical district heating systems.

The systems also utilize valley period electricity prices, night time energy storage and accumulation.

In co-operation with leading financiers, Elpanneteknik Sweden is able to provide finance solutions based on Private Public Partnerships and / or Build Own Operate Transfer or BOT solutions.

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