Join us within the Chinese market!

6 maj 2015 by Mårten Björk

China is currently undergoing an unprecedented boom of investments within Green technology. One of the drivers is China Development Bank, CDB, with an investment scheme exceeding 1 trillion rmb, aimed at creating sustainable cities. (In the picture Dr Xu of CDB Capital and the undersigned during recent visit to Green Dragon Lake, Beijing).

As one of the suppliers, Elpanneteknik Sweden AB and its partner Elpanneteknik (Group) Shanghai Co Ltd., provide cost efficient, emission free turn-key district heating / cooling centrals / boiler rooms utilizing valley periods of electricity as an alternative to coalfired heating and traditional airconditioning. The systems also provide an efficient way of energy storage. Some of the plants are owned and managed by the Elpanneteknik Group based on long term agreements with municipalities etc.

Our ambition is to extend also into waste water cleaning and to utilize heat in waste water using the existing boiler rooms as platforms. If your company is involved in such technologies, are not yet introduced within P.R China and interested in a co-operation we would be happy to hear from you.